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Athens Stock Exchange Below 650 Units; Strong Pressure on Banks

Athens Stock Exchange recorded significant losses on Thursday, with the stocks of the banking sector to be at the heart of liquidations. Particularly the shares of National Bank of Greece retreats in new lows of 1.43 euro and is down 2.53%. At noon, the General Index was down at 649.90 units, but one hour before the session closure, it seems to slightly recover at 650 units again.

With all the titles of FTSE20 in negative territory and the banks declining up to 3.3% after falling 10.3% in the previous three days, the General Index of Athens Stock Exchange, flirts today with new lows, driving the market down of 650 units.

“ The negotiations over PSI Plus and discussions with Troika for new fiscal austerity measures will continue to drive the market in the next period|, said  Marfin Analysis, while on the side of the Beta Securities expects an indifferent session, as it has been the case since the beginning of the year., as investors maintain their stance in anticipation of announcements regarding PSI terms.

“Absence of any further domestic catalysts is likely to maintain volumes and fluctuations at low levels while any positive reaction will be hard to be sustained given the current trading circumstances”, adds Beta.
On the board, the General Index stands at 650.30 units, down 1.81%, while earlier was declining 1.87% at 649.90 units.

From the banking sector the share of NGB retreats in new lows of 1.43 euros, down 2.53% at 229.71 units.

The trading volume is 5.8 million units worth 5.8 million euros, while 64 shares decline, 30 are up and 16 remain unchanged. (Capital.gr)

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