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Protest Action: Greeks to Turn Off the Lights, Feb 1/12

 A protest action is scheduled for February 1st, 2012 calling all Greeks to turn off the lights from 8-8.30 pm during the prime time news. In a statement circulating on the Greek internet, the organizers declare that with this action Greeks have the possibility to say NO to price hikes in electricity and NO to emergency taxes. “We react and oppose the way the Greek government uses the public good such as the right to have electricity in our homes.”

The emergency property tax has triggered an outrage across the country as the Greek government threatened to cut off the power to those tax-payers and electricity subcribers who would not pay the poll-tax, regardless of financial inability or for other reasons.

The protest organizers recall in their statement that consumers in Argentina managed to stop hikes in electricity and other public goods in 2002 through similar actions.

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