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Athens Riots: Apocalypse …Yesterday (video, pics)

Incalculable material damages.  170 ruined shops, cafes and banks branches, 45 of them totally burned down. Looting. Vandalism. The day light on Monday morning reveals the Apocalypse that occurred yesterday in the centre of Athens. In 14 different spots of the Greek capital. While the government MPs were voting in favor of the new loan agreement.

Ακόμη και σήμερα, η Πυροσβεστική προσπαθεί να σβήσει και τις τελευταίες εστίες φωτιάς

Monday morning: Firebrigades still struggle

Dozens of employees without work place. Business owners without business. Amid an economic crisis and deep recession.

Video: burned down shop/ Stadiou Str.

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Broken glasses, broken dreams. The atmosphere still stinks of tear gas, smoke and fumes from burned material.

Video: small mall/ Harilaou Trikoupi Str.

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Police speaks of an ‘organized plan’ to destroy Athens.

Citizens and political parties wonder how could this happen.

 Why didn’t the police prevent such catastrophe? PASOK’s spokesman said on Monday morning, that there is no need for Minister of Citizens’ protection to resign…. Skai TV reported a some minutes ago, PM Papademos was about to invite Papoutsis for a …convincing explanation.

more pictures and video:

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  1. Did all this damage do any good?Does it help Greece’s problem.NO It makes it worse.Who is doing all this?Not the everyday people.These people are destroying Greece.Destroying their own country.Destroying history.WHY?All this is doing is hurting your own people.STOP DESTROYING YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND HISTORY.This is crazy.Stop these crazy people who destroy..May God help you.

  2. I am from UK and regrettably have never visited Greece (intend to in the near future). I have friends in Athens and I have listened to the despair and worries about their jobs and the economic situation. BUT WHY OH WHY did the hooligans take it upon themselves to try to destroy the capital city of Greece. It is tantamount to taking a sledge hammer to the Acropolis – GOD FORBID
    SHAME on the actions of the few that has painted a negative picture of a people who are struggling but at least standing as strong as they can in these unsettled times.

  3. Why? Maybe because a lot of the parents of the ‘known unknown’ are not as unknown as these unknown… allegedly.
    OMG now I start to sound like Donald Rumsfeld! 😯

  4. My web site will explain just how I and so many other former American military people feel about Greece.Mainly Crete.The now closed USAF Intelligence base on Crete was a very warm home to many.The Greek people were and still are just great.None better.I’m not a Greek but a big Want a Be one.Married a Cretan and my son born there..We al, have been back and still love it.Greece is so full of world history.Hate to see it destroyed .There must be a way to solve the problem with out destroying the country.Hope they find it and soon.

    • One would think that nobody wants to see Greece being destroyed. However it seems there are people to want to bring down this beautiful country.