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Crime in Greece: One Robbery per Hour, One Homicide Every Second Day

 Crime in Greece recorded a dramatically sharp increase during last year and the statistics data released by the Ministry for Citizne Protection show the brutal reality: Every hour, one robbery, 11  thefts and burglaries occur across the country, while a homicide is being committed every second day. According to the data for the year 2011, the homicides committed out of the motive for robbery have increased at 87% in comparison to 2010. The majority of the victims are elderly people.

According to specific police data, 184 homicides and 182 attempted homicides were committed during 2011 – in comparison: 176 and 193 respectively in 2010. The police managed to successfully solve at 80% the cases of both crime types.

In 2011 the number of burglaries in Greece exceeded 100,000. In 2011 there were 6,363 robberies nationwide against 6,079 robberies in 2010. In the region of Attica alone in 2011 there were 5,134 robberies reported against 4,595 in 2010. Burglars are breaking into homes recently and there are many cases in which they use weapons to rob the people of their meagre savings.

In 2011, around 185,000 people were arrested for various crimes, 15,562 of them for armed robbery, robberies at homes, supermarkets, banks and cars. Hence the decision of the Minister for the Protection of the Citizen to strengthen immediately the special group to control order in central Athens that will ‘soon be increased to 195 men and will extend gradually to 3,000. (ANSAmed)

“Champion” in crime in the Attica prefecture. Robberies in homes increased by 125.7% in comparison to 2010, while robberies in stores and gas stations increased by 119%.

The official data by the Greek Police HERE

Last week, Yorgos Karatzaferis, leader of far-right LAOS and former coalition government partner, asked lawmakers to allow citizens to ‘answer with weapons’ any robbery attempts. “”A citizen should be allowed to use a weapon when he sees a

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