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Athens: Protesters Beat Policeman, Set Uniform Jacket Alight

Protesters attacked one policeman at Syntagma Square, near the spot where Dimitris Christoulas, 77, committed suicide on Wednesday morning. According to Greek media reports, mourners had marched to Syntagma Square after having attended the funeral of the retired pharmacist. It looks as if there was also a march by anti-authoritarian protesters.  News portal Zougla.gr reports that some of the protesters attacked the policeman, grabbed his mobile and stripped him off his jacket and they beat him with punches, breaking his nose.

First they hung his mobile and jacket at the tree where Christoulas committed suicide.

Later they took the jacket down and set it on fire.

There are reports, that some protesters helped the policeman get into a car and transferred to a nearby hospital.

Στεφάνια στη μνήμη του Δ.Κωστούλα μπροστά από τη Βουλή μετά την κηδεία το Σάββατο

Protesters outside the parliament after Christoulas funeral

Sources from the Greek Police EL.AS. told Zougla.gr, the policeman was a special guard exiting the metro station.

Other news portals claim that the protesters took also his gun.

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  1. No offence, but how about Greek leave the European Union and join the African Union?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      no worries, no Finnish can ever offend Greeks

    • Whilst all Greeks/people denounce the beating of a person who himself is not at fault and only a tiny cog in a larger machine, please don’t trivialize the desperation of the Greek people.

      • Tiny cogs should (hopefully shall) be crushed like the great ones,
        because great cogs couldn’t do their usual misdemeanor
        without tiny ones who protect them.

  2. … Also

    Are you insinuating that Africans are in some way inferior or less civilized ?? You clearly don’t understand the effect of poverty

  3. This is awful.
    The beatings this week (of people paying their respect and journalists) were horrible and criminal. In MAT there are thugs that should be fired and prosecuted immediately. And the outrage in the media was even to mild for what happened and the threat it represents.
    And so is this. These thugs should be found and prosecuted immediately. And the outrage in the media will be great I hope.
    If it is true that those thugs took his gun, then everybody can pray thanks to god that the police officer did not fire it in self defense.

    • We are talking about the funeral march for a man
      who shot himself leaving a message about the necessity
      for youth of taking guns (and I respect him for that).
      The least that people who want to avenge him could do
      is to beat a policeman.
      It’s a pure matter of coherence.
      Anyway, vassilis told pretty much what should be told
      about this circumstance

  4. violence only leads to violence. the goverment is violent towards its people through taxes and pay cuts and through the police beatings it orders and that obviously is going to backfire. the only power the police have is the belief of citizens that they are there to protect them. citizens are slowly now believing that the police are there to protect the elite and beat everyone else. that will soon make them fair game to anyone who will see them as the face of the politics being followed and since there are more people than police there is only on eoutcome. its a thin line and once its broken it will be the beggining of the end. if the police officer had fired then im 90% sure that december 2008 would have looked like a day off for the police who would have been hunted down everywhere. but the more MAT are violent and their superiors turn a blind eye the more violent the other side will become.

    • Vassilis, although I agree with most of what you are saying, I have to point out the ‘chicken-and-egg’ point in your post.
      The debate on “who was violent first” is an endless one. Only yesterday I saw a picture of protesting meat-lorry drivers and dock workers. The news was: “In an apparently unprovoked response, police used truncheons and tear gas against the protesters as they approached the main entrance of the Panepistimiou St building. One of the protesters required treatment in hospital for facial wound.”
      But the picture tells another story: http://www.athensnews.gr/sites/athensnews/files/Protest_bankofgreece.jpg
      You see middle aged and older men beating with brand new 2by2’s disguised as flagpoles beating in on MAT. Those 2by2’s are a staple in Greek demonstrations, where the sight of KKE-youth with tiny red flags on them is common.
      Police jumping over molotov cocktails, or ducking emergency flairs. People having lunch being beaten. Crazy levels of toxic gasses…
      Was this a reaction to police violence? Or is the police violent because of the ludicrous high level of violence displayed by factions in a lot of demonstrations.
      Some people point to November 17, 1974 as an excuse. Others to the whole dictatorship. Again others point to the violence before that or to the Civil War… and so on. Like Israël/Palestine, one can go back endlessly for justification for one site or the other. Violence levels in Greece have always had higher peaks than in other, mostly Western-European countries.
      Fact is that now fascist behaviour is fought with fascist behaviour. I am afraid that line you mentioned is crossed already.

  5. i agree antonis, but there is also a difference in in police heating someone who is attacking them with a bat, that is self defence and the police are justified in taking them down. and there is a difference in beating journalists who are trying to do their job as well as the peaceful protestors like they did last summer. im not justifying either side, as far as i can see they are both braindead. this level of violence will trap us. but we also need to consider why has kke been allowed their private army through PAME? why are there no id tags on police to be able to single out the ones that are “overjealous” if they manages to discipline even a couple of the ones that were too violent and cleaned house then peoples faith might be restored a bit. since noone is punished it sends a message that they did nothing wrong. and this is on all levels of society. politicians arent held responsible for scandals, police arent punished, local authorities the same, and this then follows on to peoples relationships within a neighbourhood. a whole society of anomy

    • Agreed, Vassilis. There is a difference in police beating or being beaten. But they are two sides of the same coin. Violence breeds violence and we are indeed trapped in this spiral. Ultimately the politicians and judiciary are responsible for punishing rogue police and partymembers. And as long as they don’t do that the spiral will be spinning down.