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Tough Elections Campaigns: Protesters Booed Venizelos (videos)

 Times are hard for princes and princesses, especially for aspiring prime ministers from the two big parties that signed the two loan agreements with Greece’s lenders. Fearing citizens’ anger about the strict austerity, Greek politicians avoid open pre-elections campaign meetings. They prefer to meet their voters in closed sports stadiums or at homes of supporters. Election tours fall short and modest. However, frustrated Greeks find always a way to express their anger and chant slogans or “bathe” politicians with insults.

Αποδοκίμασαν τον Βενιζέλο στη Ν. Σμύρνη από babisflou
First victim of people’s pre-elections anger was Evangelos Venizelos, president of socialist PASOK and former Finance Minister who pushed, signed and implemented the second bailout for Greece.

Citizens of Nea Smyrni, a south suburb of Athens, had gathered outside the Milonas basket-ball stadium, where Venizelos had scheduled to start his elections campaign. The welcome they had prepared for PASOK chairman and his voters was anything but warm. The slogans and insults can hardly be written down without the blushing of KTG-administrator.

“Traitors, Traitors” the crowd chanted in chorus. Some protester ‘bathed’ the arriving politicians with descriptions like ” dirty”, “ensconced”, “you sold Greece” and many other no-no words.

Especially those PASOK MPs who had voted in favor of the loan agreements became target of the verbal attacks and had to listen to criticism of citizens who were asking explanations “you cut our salaries and pensions” protesters shouted, “your are unacceptable”, “shame”.

Αποδοκίμασαν τον Αλευρά 2 από babisflou

MP Nasos Alevras had also to listen to an angry citizen shouting at him “All you do at the Parliament is to do newspapers.”

PS Damned the live parliament camera during voting and debates lol

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