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Chemtrails are Real! Air-Force Crew Caught in Action

 Finally there is proof. Chemtrails are real. The crew of an allegedly C-130 is caught spraying us with chemicals. Below is the shocking evidence!


from facebook

 PS I hope this guy does not spray with the stuff I am allergic to it…. Then at the very end. beside being stupid I will also suffer an allergy shock.

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  1. Penelope-Ann Turner

    Now I realize why I have been so ill, this is very alarming news, I’m horrified.

  2. “Very, very funny. The only difference is this my dear friend KTG. If we ,who are saying chemtrails are real, are proved at the end wrong, the worst that can happen is that we have lost so much time & energy fighting agaisnt them and ppl is gonna laugh at our faces calling us names as conpiracy victims. But in the oposite case, all of you who make jokes about it without taking the trouble to see if this is true, your names are gonna be: irresponsible, misinforming, accomplices of crime and traitors. Now make your choice. And I am saying here in the open, and you can unpost me of course, as usually done when ppl don’t like the truth, that you are not playing fare. You said you are neutral and you post both sides but u only post one. You put the announcement of the Air Force about this subject but never the answer we gave them, and never my posts. And I talk in behalf of the anti-chemtrails mvt in Greece, which has thousands of members and is demtermined to put an end into this madness. So this I have to say… you play not fare!”

  3. Mythology, another Greek characteristic.

  4. For someone who appears to be intelligent, you are demonstrating to all that this is not the case with your mocking of the chemical spraying of our skies and air. I can send you a photo of two trails, side by side, over my house, miles out in the country of the US, where no commercial planes ever fly. These chemtrails are so close to one another that IF it were commercial planes who left them behind, the two planes would have collided and fallen directly onto my house.

    I used to think when reading your Blog that you were giving unbiased reporting. Now I KNOW you are just another stupid TOOL for the powers that be that want to control everyone. You bitch about what’s happening to your countrymen and women in Greece because of mis-management and corruption in your government and yet you behave in EXACTLY THE SAME IRRESPONSIBLE MANNER WITH THE TRUTH. SHAME ON YOU. I’m sure you won’t post this comment, but at least you will have read it before deleting it and maybe a kernel of truth and remorse will have set in within your heart.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      as we hail the freedom of expression (unless racist, swearing etc), your post is approved – as an example for the lack of humour and tolerance to those thinking differently, as shown by the victims of chemtrails.

  5. Expat living in Greece