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Greek Crisis: Son, 60, Pushes Alzheimer Mother, 90, to Death and Commits Suicide

The list of desperate Greeks is getting longer day by day. It was 8 o’clock in the morning on Thursday morning, when neighbors at Metaxourgio district of Athens heard a hollow noise. Then silence. And then screaming. By curious neighbors who had come outside to see what the noise was. A 90-year-old woman was laying on the next to her 60-year-old son.

Mother and son had committed suicide from the 6th floor of a multi-storey building they were living in. They both died immediately.

An eyewitness told NewsIt, he saw the “grandma jumping first” and that she shouted “Help me Virgin Mary”.

It hasn’t been clear whether the son pushed his mother to death. But it looks most likely as the woman was an Alzheimer patient.

Last night, the son, a musician, complained about the financial situation of the family by posting on a pupular Greek internet site “Stixoi” (Lyrics) among musicians:

             “Don’t let anyone of them

Since 20 years I take care of my mother, who developed Alzheimer in the last 3-4 years. She has more health problems and seniors’ homes do not accept patients with so many health problems.

The problem is that I didn’t predict that I should have cash because the economic crisis came suddenly. Even though I have been selling our possessions,  we have no cash flow, we have no money to buy food anymore, my credit card is full with 22% interest rate, we have running expenses.

I have been living a dramatic life.

Now I have new serious health problems.

I have no solution in front of  me. Enough possessions, but not cash, therefore how to get along without food? Does anyone know of a solution?

Powerful of this earth, for the economic crisis you created, you need to be hung. And that’s not enough.”

Neighbors told media that the son, Antonis Perris,  was without job in the last two years, and that they lived on mother’s pension of 340 euro per month.

The double suicide that shock anew the Greek society, come two days after a 60-year old man committed suicide at a park of Peristeri suburb of Athens.

On Tuesday evening,  the man sat on a park bench and opened his arms veins. he found a slow death.

According to his family the man had visited the bank on Tuesday morning. As he didn’t return home, his children – 3 sons and one daughter – went to the local police and reported him as ‘missing’.

What’s high on the Greek agenda these days? Whether Alexis Tsipras insulted the French President by calling him “Hollandreou” and whether Greeks voters will push the country out of the euro, if they vote for left-wing SYRIZA…

What’s on the EU agenda? Whether Greece will exit the euro and what will be the impact for the rest 16 euro zone member countries…. “Greeks have to try more austerity” says Christine Lagarde from IMF.

At the same time thousands if not millions of people in Greece struggle with their personal drama day in, day out. Silently. Or with a hollow noise. Or with no noise at all…

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  1. Greece Must Leave the Euro To Survive & Prosper
    The press is warning of a Greek collapse and bank run and this is certainly possible in the near term but Greece and other EU nations can best recover economically from the sovereign debt crisis if they repudiate the debt, leave the EU and the Euro and return to their own national currencies. Even Germany will eventually leave the Euro and return to the D-Mark. The European Union experiment has failed.

  2. I think that we should start carving the names of all those unfortunates who have been driven to take their own lives in the walls of Parliament, as a permanent reminder to future legislators that a nation must, first and foremost, look after the most vulnerable in society. It would also serve as a permanent reminder to all of us that this should not ever happen again, while the dead will not be forgotten like they were during their lives…

  3. 2.3 BILLION euro has not been collected because the relevant committee of the finance ministry still does not function. Why? Because they could not get any judge to sit on it… So for the last 10 months this mountain of money has not been collected and all those concerned are gladly standing by and looking how people are driven to suicide…
    I even read today that to pay for civil servants salaries and pensions the disaster funds of the country have been raided. God help us now the fire-season has started. Please let it be a cold and very wet summer.