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Cameron Wants to Halt Greek Immigration to UK, Greek Socialists Angry

British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to halt immigration of Greeks to UK, should Greece exit thee euro zone. “It is in UK’s best interests to impose stringent border controls if Greece is forced to leave euro,” Cameron told British MPs on Wenesday.

The worst-case scenario is understood to cover a Greek exit from the euro, which could trigger a near-collapse of the Greek economy and the flight of hundreds of thousands of its citizens who are currently entitled to settle in any EU country.

The prime minister said Britain is prepared to take measures to avoid a major influx of Greek citizens. “I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our country safe, to keep our banking system strong, to keep our economy robust. At the end of the day, as prime minister, that is your first and foremost duty.” (further reading  Guardian).

Meanwhile and according to Financial Mirror, Greece’s co-ruling Socialists hit out at British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday, accusing him of insulting Athens by saying Britain could restrict the immigration of Greeks and citizens of other struggling euro zone countries.

The PASOK party, led by fiery former finance minister Evangelos Venizelos, said Cameron would do better to explain Britain’s bank interest rate-rigging scandal than rattle markets with talk of restricting immigration.

The party, a member of Greece’s new three-party conservative-led government, called on Cameron to either deny or rephrase his reported comments.

“Is the UK, which is not a member of the euro zone, so interested in the unity and stability of the euro zone that it is threatening policing measures which violate all principles, basic freedoms and rules of the European Union?” the party said in a statement.

PS I wouldn’t worry so much  then the question is who will leave first: Cameron from his PM post or Greece from the euro zone

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  1. This is so despicable as to make me ashamed to admit that I live in the UK.

    I most certainly did not vote him in and would dearly love to see him removed from office, today preferably!

    • I’ll second that!

    • elizabeth forakis

      Perhaps he knows a little more than we do.

      • Actually, it is almost certain that he knows and understands less. The guy is one of the most arrogant and stupid people ever to have made it to PM in the UK; his hypocrisy and privileged class background are so disgusting, along with his complete inability to understand economics.

      • Unlikely. Cameron has problems with his support base over the EU and any further political or ecomonic intergration. He already broke his electoral promise over a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. As cover for that, him and Hague came up with the bullshit “referendum lock” in the case of more integration. They thought nothing new would happen when they we in power (so soon after Lisbon) and they have now been caught out. This is a cheap “look at me, I’m tough” headline for the newspapers, that he would never implement.

      • PS – It’s been forgotten already in the UK. That’s how much we think he means it.

  2. An unnecessary, unpleasant and ill considered statement from the UK PM who likes to posture whilst blowing hot air.

  3. dear mr. cameron,

    what we probably need is to wipe out this entire generation of so called banking leaders who apparently have no ethics or integrity:

    • elizabeth forakis

      food for thought

    • Very strange this clip has been banned in my country ?

      • You have the misfortune to live in a country where freedoms and rights have been systematically eroded over the last decades. The pretexts of such abuses are usually either anti-terrorist measures or copyright protection — but there are other devices used.

        Just for a recent example: someone on a coach was using a modern device for quitting cigarette smoking, and involved some strange apparatus. Instead of anyone asking the guy what was going on, they phoned the police who — armed to the teeth — made everyone on the coach walk out with their hands up and lie on the ground — then blocked a major motorway for 4 hours. For what purpose? None at all. If they had been worried about people’s rights being infringed, they could have asked the guy what he was using, listened to a coherent answer, and finished the whole business in 15 minutes. They chose to take 4 hours because that way they assert the power of the police — and pretend to be doing a good job, when in reality they are completely incompetent and with a fascist mentality.

        The solution to you-tube blocks is to get people to post the video all around the web, so that your government cannot block it.

        • I understand what happened with the coach. The security forces are so hyped up over the forthcoming Olympics that they are basically going over the top.

          The people on the coach, who have been indoctrinated with anti-terrorist propaganda, panicked.

          It is time we took back our freedoms and told our political masters we are not afraid.

          With regard to Mr Cameron well he is only there because some voted for him and his hot air tactic will be seen for what they are and he will be disappear in to the mists of time. Unlike the Greek people who will endure 😀

  4. Thank you so much for the support! As a Greek who lives in London years now is completely inappropriate and silly comment by Cameron.
    Also i am very disappointing on Olympic Committee giving the games to London! I think is racist and stupid 2 weeks before the games to attack and insult the Birth country and people of the Olympic games!
    Shame on You Cameron!!!

  5. elizabeth forakis

    Thats rich from Mr Venizelos, maybe he should be investigating first the fraudlent and illegal behaviour of the employees of Emporiki bank,relating to the fraud my husband suffered before pointing the finger

  6. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    Aren’t there any people in the UK that could “steal” the Olympic Flame and bring it back to Greece?
    Anyway it’s time to stop this philhellenic nonsense with that stupid games. In ancient times all competitors were doped.
    Kameroon is well known for bringing thousands of kids into prison for nuthing like riot-dating (total censorship!), some little funny looting of stupid things and even a 11 year old boy for kicking into a shop window. Kicking whole families out of their homes like the Nazis did: Sippenhaft!
    After his cowardly police watched days of riots they even had such funny ideas as like using water cannons…. Narrow streets, hehe.
    I remember the best video from Manchester: In bright day light someone puts fire to a cloth that hangs out of a broken boutique window. You see different tv-teams passing by and also cops. Nobody is putting that fire out and later on they had good news the whole burnt down.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if all or most of EU countries had prepared similar plans in silence. If Greece collapses anything could happen, up to and including loss of social order and mass exodus.