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PM Samaras Calls Foreign Officials Promoting a Grexit “Silly and Irresponsible Saboteurs”

Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras sent a clear message to those speaking lenders of Greece who keep casting doubt whether the debt-ridden country would manage to exit the crisis – or the euro. Without directly naming FDP leader Philip Roesler it is more than obvious that Samaras’ arrows were shot in German direction.

“…there are some foreign officials who come out every once in a while and predict that Greece will not manage it! I say it openly that I consider them as saboteurs of the national effort! We do what we can to bring the country back on its feet and they do all they can so that we fail. I really do not know, if they do it on purpose or out of foolishness. But I do know, that they are irresponsible,” Samaras said speaking to parliamentary group of conservative Nea Dimocratia on Tuesday morning.

On Sunday, German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler  (FDP) appeared to have “grave doubts” about whether Greece would be able to fulfill its obligations towards its lenders. “If no fulfillment of obligations, no bailout tranches should be released,” Roesler told German state broadcaster ARD.

German media reported yesterday that Rosler came under the criticism of his own party members.

Roeslers’ statements together with some controversial claims by German media brought the Athens Stock Exchange to suffer heavy losses of -7.10% on Monday and thus one day before the arrival of the Troika inspectors to Greece.

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  1. Who’s really a “silly and irrepsonsible saboteur” is the idiot who totally selfishly enforced that Greece had to go through two useless elections and waste a lot of precious time. Who was that jerk? Oh, wait…

  2. Let him show in quick and decisive measures that those ‘foreigners’ are dead wrong. But he can’t and he won’t go against his personal and his cronies interests.
    And therefore a moron like Roesler will be proven right by the lack of actions of his Greek counterparts.