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Madonna at Olympia/Paris: “The Greeks Have Nothing to Eat”

Pop star Madonna picked up the Greek and the global economic crisis on Thusday night (26. Jul 2012) during her concert at Olympia Hall in Paris. During a break of her program, the pop star talked about “scary moments” experienced by the people across the planet due to the collapse of the markets.

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“The Greeks have nothing to eat,” said Madonna, “The whole world is suffering and scared.  But what happens when people feel fear? They become intolerant.  They point to the next guy keep saying again and again: you ‘re the reason for the problem, it’s you’r fault! They say: Get Out!Clearly this is not the problem though. The enemy is not external. There are no other enemies. The enemy is inside us

Madonna’s speech seems to be the sequel to her controversial video showing a swastika in an effort to point out intolerance gainst immigrants.

“There seems to be a growing intolerance around the world. In Greece, France, everywhere people are trying to kick out all the immigrants, make people cover up and not show what their religious affiliation is. Think about what’s going on in Russia towards the gay community,” she said.

Madonna has come under fire for screening a video which shows a Swastika imposed on the face of France’s Front National party leader Marine Le Pen during her Mdna trek.

Le Pen has threatened to sue Madonna, who in turn defied the politician’s warnings by refusing to edit the footage. (contactmusic via

PS kind of Madonna to speak about the situation in Greece, but “the Greeks have nothing to eat”? Well… some of them (unemployed, low-pensioners) yes. But there is a rest of them who still eat thus with golden spoons.

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  1. She meant well I’m sure. Plus one does see news articles about thousands of Greek people having to suddenly rely on soup kitchens and some even giving up their children because they can’t afford to look after them. Those who eat with golden spoons never suffer. They can move when needed and then come back and get even richer.