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Israeli Defence Forces Investigate Sailors’ Visit to Greek …Brothel

I would think, the Israeli Defence Forces had more serious problems to deal with. But apparently they don’t. According to Israeli media, IDF investigates claims that sailors who participated on a naval exercise last month in Greece, visited local brothels and even had sex. I don’t know the IDF concept on sailors & ports, but I believe that sex-free and powerful Popeye was a unique and exceptional case of a sailor for children just to eat their spinach.

Navy Sailors in Hot Water Over Visit to Greek Brothel

“The Israel Defense Forces is investigating claims that sailors who serve on naval missile boats had sex with a prostitute at a Greek brothel during a break from training last month.

They were then awarded a medal by their superiors for losing their virginity, according to the website of the Maariv daily.

“The claims will be fully investigated, and if they are found to be accurate, this is a serious ethical incident that will be dealt with severely, as required,” the IDF said in a statement.

The incident allegedly took place during free time sailors received after completing a joint training exercise with the Greek navy and docking at the Athenian port of Piraeus. When they returned to the boat, it was said, the sailors told everyone aboard what happened.

The Israeli sailors attended a reception that featured the attendance of the Greek defense minister, Panos Panagiotopoulos, and chief of staff.” (Full article Haaretz)

 PS I post this story as the joke of the day. Sailors and Sex? Never heard of it…


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  1. What? Sex in a Brothel? that is unheard off!

  2. Some of the biggest ‘scandals’ and ‘betrayals’ in history did involve sex… Some? Has there ever NOT been ‘flesh’ involved??? So I can understand why the IDF is worried. The boys are (just) worried and the girls are shocked.

    • The scandals and betrayals are only considered scandals and betrayals by those who weren’t/aren’t involved. Pure jealousy!
      On the other hand, if EVERYBODY started the day with a good bonk or 3-4, they just would be in too good a mood and far too tired to even think of anything devious or bad.
      Remember “Make Love, Not War”? There is something to be said for it….

      • Jealousy? Hmmm, never been jealous of those guys and girls.
        I agree with your ‘medicine’ though. But why spend it all in one morning rush??? Spread it over the day and the soothing effect will be even more effective!!! 😆

  3. Where I live, folk prefer chocolate over sex.

    • Consider that eating chocolate is fattening, very fattening, and eating chocolate does not give you any excercise at all. On the other hand…:)

      • keeptalkinggreece

        considering it takes a great effort to eat 3 chocolates per day….

        • I get a 3-day migraine from eating chocolate 🙁

          • keeptalkinggreece

            so I assume you prefer other sports kinds lol

          • Eh… you mean something with ‘riding boots’ and ‘whips’??? 🙂

          • I thought that was an excuse???

          • Alas, in my case it is not… 🙁

          • One of my daughters has the same problem with chocolate. She found a thing called “Plamil”, quite easily available in Northern Europe, especially in proper health food shops. It works for her. Don’t know what the magic is the makers use, but she hasn’t had a headache since. Not from choclate anyway 🙂

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I guess it’s allergy to some chocolate ingredients.

          • Although I love the stuff, I just stopped eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Rose is fine. It is indeed one of the ingredients that triggers migraine.
            @Ephilant – Nice product. Do you think I can find a Greek zaxaroplasteio that uses it for their sweets? LOL!
            Has anyone ever tried to get ice-cream or pastries and sweets without chocolate? Even most cookies you get with your coffee has the stuff in it. Maybe the crisis will help. When Greece gets kicked out of the euro and the drachma is worth nothing chocolate will be to expensive to import. And people will go back to the traditional sweets and pastries like baklava. 😀

          • keeptalkinggreece

            it must be the chemical connection as I’ve heard before people complaining both of chocolate and red wine.

          • If red wine causes the same problem, look for sulphates. Don’t want to get too technical on this one, but I bet my last Euro you’re over sensiteive to those chemicals. Used to purify things and prolongue shelf life…