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Golden Dawn MP Sits at Non-Discrimination Committee of Council of Europe

Eleni, Zaroulia, Member of the Greek Parliament and wife of party chairman of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) will sit on the Council of Europe’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination. Zaroulia will be in Strasbourg as an alternate member of the Greek parliamentary  delegation.  “What does a member of a party involved in racist attacks and discrimination do in a non-discrimination committee, a committee known to fight racism and xenophobic behaviour?” ask many and not only Greeks.

“Eleni Zaroulia is in in Strasbourg to participate as an alternate member of the Greek parliamentary delegation in the works of the Plenary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s pan-European organization which is known to fight racism, bigotry and discrimination.

The presence and participation of an MP of the neo-fascist construct of the Golden Dawn in the works of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has already raised queries and question marks in diplomatic circles in Strasbourg and is expected to trigger letters of protest against such a presence in an institution and a pan-European organization which at every opportunity, condemns violent racist behaviours and the promotion of xenophobic movements and ideas.
Head of the new composition in Greek parliamentary delegation to the Assembly of the Council of Europe has been appointed MP of Nea Democratia, Dora Bakoyannis, who recently had her parliamentary immunity lifted and is subject of legal inquiry and accountable for hiding assets and making inaccurate family tax declaration.” (tvxsgr)

Eleni Zaroulia  is listed in the official website of the Council of Europe Assembly. Here is the full list of the members of the Greek delegation coming from all political parties represented in the Greek Parliament.


Eleni Zaroulia and husband Nikos Michaloliakos

Members of the CoE committees are elected by, or appointed from among, the members of the national or federal parliaments of each member State. Therefore….  

PS Greeks still got humour, despite the crisis 🙂

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  1. Just more proof of the total absence of any common sense, leave alone morality, in the government that manages to insult all normal thinking Europeans in this way. Hopefully the other Commission members will have the decency to send this individual packing immediately.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s not the government, it’s the parliament. and it’s a party with 18 seats. elected through democratic procedures.

      • That is obviously no guarantee of avoiding total travesties like this one. Whoever proposed this position for this individual must have a complete lack of common sense, or a wicked sense of humour. Let’s hope for the latter. But given this, and the decision to release some 28 million for a F1 race track, I have my doubts…

      • So what? Just because a bunch of idiots -7% of the vote with 40% absence in the recent election- voted for this abomination does not mean we have to tolerate any type of their nonsense. You have a very distorted view of democracy my friend… The dream of democracy of the elites in the 19th century did not include the lower and uneducated classes. That is the reason why they said the famous, I will protect your right to express your opinion to the death. Nowadays with all stupidity surrounding people and especially the neo-nazis, I am sorry but we will not protect your right of speech. Your opinion is pure vomit to us and you will not be tolerated. Leave behind this nonsensical argument of democratic procedures because it is the same democracy that put you in the parliament that will eject you as well.

        • This is not a question of freedom of speech. They should be alowed to speak freely, as in any other free country. This is an institucional issue, instead. The greek state can’t be represented in a Council of Europe’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination by a person, or a party, who doen’st represent those values. No one will take it seriously. Sure, they were elected, they have all the legitimacy to be represented in parliament. But that’s a very week argument. We can, and we should, question the political choices of our elected representatives.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          is this all you understood from the post and my comment?

  2. best-dressed GUESSED worker


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    • keeptalkinggreece

      you are a worst dressed naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews

    • Everybody says…

      Wrong! I don’t. Guess the rest of your rant will be wrong too.

    • @best-dressed GUESSED worker: you’re living proof that the clothes do indeed not make the man, and beauty only goes skin deep while ugliness reaches right down to the soul… Even the nicest suit cannot hide the ugliness of racism, nor its stench.
      As you mention Belgium, only yesterday did the Flemish newspaper De Standaard report that on a daily basis up to 30 illegal workers are caught in Belgium, mainly working in the catering and building.
      All paid way below what they should be paid, and no social contributions etc. paid by OR FOR them by their employers. And guess what? We are talking immigrants. Even the accompanying pictures clearly shows a North African worker. How strange!
      The real problem my friend, is not the guy looking for a better life, but the fat Belgian, Dutch, German, Greek, (fill in as you wish) vulture capitalist trying to earn even more money and exploiting the most vulnerable in the world to do so, while not caring in the least about it, because he knows that when push comes to shove, he can count on an idiotic reasoning like yours to justify his exploitation.
      Instead of spouting the crap you’re spouting, use your energy to tackle the abusers instead of attacking the abused. You would be a much better person, and the world would be a much better place for it.

    • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

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  3. Cleveland Natives

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