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Greek PM Samaras: “Last Painful Cuts for Wages and Pensions – Measures or Drachma”

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that the austerity bill to be passed by the parliament is “the last austerity package, the last painful cuts for wages and pensions”.

 He admitted that cuts in wages and pensions are not fair, but “necessary for the rescue of the country.” He noted that in order to save Greece, the people must want it too.

In a long speech with a striking lack of inspiration and where the black was turned to white, Samaras added that “if we will need further adjustment in the future, this will result from combating tax evasion and cuts in state expenses.”

“With voting for the measures, we actually vote either for the European path of the country and the exit of the crisis, or for return to Drachma.”

He also said that he will manage the extension of the bailout program.

Antonis Samaras spoke at the plenary of the Greek Parliament short before the voting for the austerity bill.

His coalition partner Fotis Kouvelis (Democratic Left) said earlier that he will not vote in favor of the measures, but will declare ‘present’.

Greek parliament experienced unprecended scenes today the plenary session and the austerity bill debate to start in the morning in a coup-like situation, while later in the evening Parliament staff went on strike over a provision submitted by finance minister that would cut their wages and allowances privileges.

BTW: I found a pre-elections speech by Samaras lol

PS Samaras’ speech was really long and I am unable to follow the thought of an enlightened missionary citing wise quotes and bringing tunes of a conservative and modest Greek family of the 50’s. Sorry. If there were some other important points I ‘ll post them later, tomorrow, never.

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