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Mahmoud Abbas thanks Greece for Palestinian vote at UN

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas thanked Greece and expressed his deep gratitude to the Greek government for its “brave decision” to vote in favor of the request by the Palestinian Authority to win an upgraded status at the United Nations.

In an announcement transmitted to Greek government through the diplomatic mission of the Palestinian Authority in Athens, Mahmoud Abbas said:

“On behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas and the entire Palestinian people, we express our heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to the Greek government’s decision to vote in favor of the request of the Palestinian National Authority. We thank Greece and the Greek people, who for one more time stood for the just struggle of our people. We also thank the Greek political parties that supported our request.

The brave decision of the Greek government establishes the authority of Greece in the Arab world and internationally as a firm and strong voice in favor of just and international legality. With this decision, Greece sided with the moral majority of the international community that took a stand against the war and the occupation and in favor of freedom and peace. “

In a historic decision, the overwhelming majority of the 193-member General Assembly of  the United Nations voted on Thursday for the resolution that recognises Palestine as a non-member observer state and enables the Palestinian Authority to join UN agencies and sign international treaties.

Adoption of the resolution was done with 138 YES-votes. Nine members voted NO, while 41 declared abstentions.

The move was strongly opposed by the USA and Israel.


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  1. Bravo Greek Ambassador to UN. Action of loving-kindness is always honored worldwide. Glad to see human’s conscience is still alive.

  2. Unfortuantely for the Palestinians, the only vote that counts is the USA. And we know how this vote will turn out…

  3. True! We all know it. And the Palestians have been unfortunate for some 75 years already.

    But you know, as has been proven since antiquity, all powers are temporary, not forever. the Romance, the Ottoman, the Mongolia of Gengiskhan, the British empire, the Soviet Union all have become history. Only people last, and will last as long as the sun is still shining.

    whatever the outcome will be, a conscientious deed is always honored by conscientious people, high or low, rich or poor.