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EU Presidents know nothing about Greece’s joining the Euro Zone with fake statistics

The three musketeers of European Union, the esteemed presidents of EU’s main bodies, the proud winners of Peace Nobel Prize,  Herman van Rompuy (European Council), Jose Barroso (European Commision) and Martin Schulz (European Parliament) have no idea how Greece managed to be accepted in the euro zone even though it had ‘cooked’ its debt statistics.

At the sideline of the Award ceremony in Oslo, CNN organized a forum with the three presidents about the European crisis.

On the issue of Greece, the three pretended the EU and the Euro zone knew nothing about the …’murder’.

Video: Greek subtitles

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We congratulate the three for leading the European Union with an extreme sense of responsibility.

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  1. this is a case of as we say in ireland THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND
    nobody new the greeks were cooking the books and even if they knew could not be bothered investigating?
    they knew the greeks were going to borrow all around them
    and they could not wait to get their greedy snouts[as in pig] on the interest

  2. Nah, of course they knew nothing. I’m telling you, they knew nothiing at all.

  3. According to the German ambassador to Ireland, this morning on the live current affairs program Pat Kenny Live, the EU should also get the Nobel prize for Economics because of their financial innovation….

    • I thought humour was a British feature.

      • If only it was a sick sense of humour. As usual, the guy was deadly serious…

        • but maybe he is right: EU should win an A-Noble Prize for ruining so many people’s lives and countries economies but resisting to euro devaluation and having not foreseen provisions in case EZ-members would default.Very innovative, indeed.

          • The only 2 Nobel prizes the EU deserves are the prize for disaster politics and the one for dodge Haiku writing. Oh, sorry, there is a 3rd one. The prize for nausea inducing speeches and comments. But that one goes to German politicians specifically.
            And should all get a Pinocchio nose to go with it, compulsory wearing thereof as part of their prizes.

            Maybe the people of Europe should also demand a new departure for Nebel prize winners. All prize money should be donated to worthy charities.
            Klimaka and other like them. Those who clean up the mess the suits create and leave behind.

          • true, true, very true!