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Xanthi: Police captures rapist who set victim alight

The monster who raped, abused and set a young woman on fire in Xanthi, confessed his hideous crime. The 27-year-old Greek was a neighbour to the parents’ home of the victim, a woman of 34 years old who was visiting her parents over Christmas holidays.

He was captured on Thursday evening, just hours after the crime, as police found a fingerprint of the rapist on one of the cars parked in the plot where the crime took place. The man had a criminal record due to a previous case of rape attempt, while he had served a prison sentence due to drugs and theft, Greek media report.

Apart from the fingerprint the man was identified also due to a security camera that ‘captured’ him following his victim and her friend while they were walking in the street in the early morning hours of Thursday. He apparently attacked the woman the moment she had put the keys in the entrance door and was about to enter the building.

The man reportedly confessed that he raped the woman and set her alight in order to cover his traces.

According to coroner’s report the victim was first violently hit on the head, then sexually abused,  poured with fuel and set alight. Her body was also bearing wounds caused by a sharp item.

When police went to arrest the man some 300 people attempted to lynch him.

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  1. happy new year for 2013 we have an expression in ireland
    when the going gets tough the tough gets going!!
    keep up your fantastic work for the future

  2. XA supporters were baying for revenge yesterday – 100% sure this horrendous crime was done by an illegal immigrant. Are they strangely quiet today??? Probably.

    • I didn’t pick that about XA up. But I have to admit that I was feeling a sense of relieve that this monster was a Greek and not a xenos… It is a sickening to have to admit that things have come to that point that this crossed my mind. But even here on KTG more then once commenters went out of their way to assure that Greeks never, ever would commit crimes and that it were only “the others”.
      2013 will be a difficult year…

  3. Will the poor woman survive? I hope so.

  4. Sorry, KTG. I was just so sickened by the topic I guess I didn’t read too well and didn’t read any other postings but just got off the site. I had been reading about the rape of that Indian woman that has been in international news and how Indians tend to blame the woman who gets raped and was really sickened already. At least Greek society was shocked and hundreds of people tried to get this demon.