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Greek PM: Economy recovery is top priority

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras set the recovery of economy and the fight against recession and unemployment as top priorities of his coalition government. Speaking together with Development Minister on Wednesday morning at the …Finance Ministry, Samaras stressed  that the country should take advantage of the positive international mood towards Greece and take the necessary steps to attract foreign investment.

 Prime Minister reiterates need to attract investment

 Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Wednesday that Greece must take advantage of the current mood regarding the country and take the necessary steps in order to attract foreign investment, boost the economy and create new jobs.

Speaking at a press conferece at the Ministry of Finance in Athens, Samaras noted that Greeks were making major sacrifices, efforts which had secured the country’s presence in the eurozone and had boosted Greece’s international credibility.

“We are experiencing this improved mood, also recognized by our partners,» said the prime minister, who added that in order to fight against «this unprecedented recession, we must take advantage of the current climate and structural reforms and attract investment in a highly competitive international environment through targeted actions.» (ekathimerini)

“Boosting the economy is something  we will do with specific ‘”timetables’, not with wishes and public relations, but with concrete steps,” Samaras added, however without mentioning neither the specific timetables not the concrete steps.


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