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Only fourishing business in Greece: Trade firewood

Finally a good news! Trading firewood is a business that experiences a rapid growth in recession-hit Greece. Tax increases in heating oil and natural gas have led to sharp decrease but to sharp increase of firewood.

According to data released from Athens Chamber of Commerce, the number of enterprises trading firewood increased by 100% this winter, when compared to 2011. 

New entrances in business registration were:

5 in 2010

19 in 2011

38 in 2012

The total number of businesses registred in this sector was 133 in 2011 and 170 in 2012.

“It is perhaps the only sector showing such growth when compared to what is happening to the majority of other sectors that record a continuous reduction of members during the last three years,” sources from the Athens Chamber of Commerce commented to NewsIt.

PS and if the taxes and prices in heating oil, natural gas or electricity won’t fall, I may join the firewood trading next year as well. But I need a start capital, don’t I?

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  1. While the firewood trade is growing let us hope these traders are growing wood for the future!

  2. what future??