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Greek FinMin will seize income & assets of debtors owing up to €3,000

Approximately 1,000,000 small  debtors owing the state up to 3,000 euro will be called to settle their obligations either with one time payments or installments. Applying the usual method of catching the small fish and letting the big one happily keep swimming around, the Greek state will seize income, assets and bank accounts should the taxpayers do not appear to tax office within a short period of time.

According to Proto Thema, the money collection refers to debts up to 3,000 euro coming from outstanding  taxes and fees but also fines of any kind, including  breaches of the Highway Code.

The debtors who will receive these notifications would have to visit the tax offices on a specific deadline. There they will have either to make one-time payments or arrange installments. A 30% reduction on interest rates of delayed payments will be possible.

Debtos who will settle their debts will  receive ‘tax clearance’.

What if somebody does not appear at the tax office desk?

According to daily “Eleftheros Typos”, the Finance Ministry will put its hand into debtors’ incomes and assets and will seize incomes, assets and mobile assets up to a worth of the debt:

  1.  salaries, wages, pensions, lump sum, funding,  income from rental and other kinds of income.
  2. bank accounts won’t be protected from the state attack that will demand form the banks to ‘seize’ the outstanding debt.
  3. in case a debtor, has no income or/and bank account, the finance ministry will seize any mobile assets like private vehicles, motorcycles, boats and other assets that belong to the debtors.

PS If a debtor has also no car or a bicycle, I assume he would get a kick in the ass or will be stripped off his trousers and underwear.

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  1. and if I have none of the above????

  2. What in the world is happening in Greece? How can they pass such legislation, yet not go after the people on the LeGarde list?

    • Because the people on the Lagarde list are either those making up this legislation or their friends. It is as simple as that.

  3. I can only imagine that most people owing under 3000, are people that have dutifully payed their taxes all the years but for the last year cannot find the money to pay. And now they are going to take whatever they have left.How much more can the greek people take?

  4. Greeks should search very very hard to find a backbone.

  5. Time to organize another strike? That solves everything.