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Greece closely monitors Albania’s decision to seize properties of Greek minority

The Albanian government may has removed from the website of the Official Gazette the decision to arbitrarily expropriate properties belonging to members of the Greek minority in Himara. But Greece is closely monitoring the next steps of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama,as taking down the decision, does not mean that …

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Patras: Authorities seize Dementia patient’s savings due to her daughter’s …debts

You cannot take a breath in this country. You are old and suffer from a degenerative disease and you try to make your life a bit easier. No chance, in this country with automatic control mechanisms. Authorities come and grab your savings for the debts of another person. A dementia …

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Court rules: seizure of debtor’s deposits without notice is constitutional

A shock for millions of debtors: the Council of State ruled that tax offices and insurance funds are allowed to seize debtor’s bank deposits without previous notice and that this is conform with the Greek Constitution.  Greece’s highest administrative court’s reasoning is that “previous notice would give time to the …

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Debtors in Greece: Would you share your bedroom with the tax office?

Greece’s finance ministry has apparently run out of ideas. Ops! I should immediately correct myself: Greece’s finance ministry has obviously realized that the ideas the team of advisers produce to force citizens to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” – in Modern English that’s “the taxes” –  is sheer …

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The long arm of Greek tax office confiscates “unemployment allowance” as well

No, there is no way to escape the long arm of Greek taxation and debt big brother – especially if you’re an average taxpayer, with a average or low income. Because if you’re rich, you have already brought your money abroad, parked in an some flowery and sunny tax- and …

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