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Iran releases footage as Navy seizes the two Greek tankers (video)

State media of Iran have released video footage showing the country’s Armed Forces seizing the two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf last Friday. The video was released on Monday evening.

Note that in addition of the tankers seizure the viceo contains also other footage of the Iranian Navy.

As the Greek Foreign Ministry accelerates diplomatic efforts for the release of the crew on both tankers, the Shipping Ministry issued a strong recommendation for Greek tankers in currently in the Persian Gulf to avoid waters in Iran’s jurisdiction.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard claimed they seized the two tankers in retaliation of Iranian-flagged tanker Lena that was seized by Greeks who allowed its oil cargo to be reloaded on another tanker and be shipped to USA by US order. that

More background on the two Greek tankers here on KTG.

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  1. Those ships need to armed as well. No way I would let myself captured by insane people from Iran.
    Would shoot the helicopter down and open fire on the boats.