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Greek FM categorically denies Turkish media claims of terrorists camps

Greek Foreign Ministry categorically denied claims published by Turkish media, that there were terrorists training camps in Greece. Turkish media claimed last week that the suicide bomber of US embassy in Ankara had entered Turkey via Greece and that other terrorism suspects had received training in Greece.

Below the full statement by the Greek Foreign Ministry:

Foreign Ministry announcement on Turkish press claims regarding the training of terrorists in Greece and the Turkish Prime Minister’s response to a related question from a journalist.

“No mention whatsoever was made of this issue during Prime Minister A. Samaras’s meeting with Turkish Prime Minister T. Erdogan. We do not hide our astonishment.

If this had been the case, the Greek Prime Minister would have given the appropriate response.

However, once again, we categorically reject and deny these claims, which have of late – in a groundless, arbitrary and suspicious manner – been reappearing in certain Turkish newspapers.

Neither terrorist camps nor terrorist training centers have existed or exist in Greece. Greece has been a victim of terrorism and is on the front line of the international fight against terrorism.

The Turkish side is well aware of this, through official channels. These claims, however unconvincing, poison public opinion and undermine the relations between the two countries.

Regarding the latest abhorrent terrorist attack, we were among the first to condemn it, expressing our support for both the American and Turkish governments.” (

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  1. The world is aware of the Turks repulsive track record over many generations to this day antagonizing Cypress. Endless incident to make it profoundly astounding. If they weren’t of such enormous enormous ego-strategic importance to our allies, they too would go face the same consequences as Iraq and Libya. Cypress was not treated like Kuwait with only lip service offered than military support.

    Trying to capitalize on contemporary tensions should not come as any surprise by these tyrants. The Armenians are not too pleased with them either. They boom financially as do their only ally outside of Pakistan, Germany.

    The world, thankfully, knows better. So does Israel and Russia if they decide to test. If the test was not a bluff, England and the USA would also put them in therapy.