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Greek PM: EU Funding for development will go only to big projects

The news went almost unnoticed. It went under among billions of euro that will reach the country and make everybody’s pockets full. Everybody’s pockets? No exactly. Only the pockets of big interests that have always profited form the distribution of public money.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras made it very clear: The money from EU Funds for Cohesion Policy (ESPA) to boost growth and development will go only to big projects. Speaking to cabinet ministers on Friday, Samaras stressed the importance of flexibility for the absorption of EU resources and the need to boost areas like transport, energy and communications. “Quality of projects” is the A and O, Samaras said underlining that “the money should go only there that can be efficiently used,” in order to create jobs, innovation and attract investment.

“The money should not be fragmented and be spent in small projects. Now we create the new development model for the next decade.”

On Saturday, government officials responsible for development proudly announced that ESPA-money will create 200,000 work places within the next years.

Greece expects to receive a total of 44 billion euro from EU funds: 18 billion until 2020 for several projects, 15 billion for combating smuggling and illegal immigration, 8.5 billion euro from previous years as well as recourse for  combating youth unemployment.

If you are a miserable, austerity, recession- and unemployment-hit Greek with a misery small business project, you are not welcome here! There is no money for you! You can only be offered a €500-job. The era of small businesses is over! Shoo!

PS more neoliberal is not possible!

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