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Third Greek official resigns in phantom power plant charges

Development ministry general secretary Spyros Eystathopoulos resigned on Monday morning. Eystathopoulos’ resignation is the third in the context of the scandal of a phantom power plant in Aliveri that cost Greek Public Power Company (DEH) a loss of 100 million euro. Head of Greek privatisation fund, Takis Athanasopoulos, and the general secretary of Finance ministry Giorgos Mergos resigned on Saturday after the former managers of Public Power Company (DEH) were charged with breach of duty. Both Athanasopoulos and Mergos were on board of DEH.

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  1. Oh Dear, not more. What with the Mayor and the embezzelment now this, if only this would have been brought to light earlier may be Greece would not be in the trouble that it is. Good for the people who are bringing these people to light. Keep up the good work.