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Two top resignations in Greece’s privatization fund and Finance Ministry

Head of Greek privatisation fund, Takis Athanasopoulos, and the general secretary of Finance ministry Giorgos Mergos resigned on Saturday after the former managers of Public Power Company (DEH) were charged with breach of duty. Both Athanasopoulos and Mergos were on board of DEH.

The head of Greece’s privatization fund, Takis Athanasopoulos, and the Finance Ministry’s general secretary Giorgos Mergos resigned on Saturday.

Their resignations came after former managers of the Public Power Corporation were charged with breach of duty on Friday for commissioning in 2007 the Aliveri power plant, which lost the company about 100 million euros.

Mergos and Athanasopoulos served on PPC’s board at the time. Both men said they were resigning for ethical reasons, pending the court case.

Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras accepted the resignations of the two officials.

Christina Papaconstantinou, until now the general secretary of fiscal policy at the Finance Ministry, will take over Mergos’s position.

A new candidate to take over as head of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund’s (HRADF), known as TAIPED in Greek, is to be proposed for approval by Parliament’s institutions and transparency committee in the next few days.” via ekathimerini

Still on Sunday it wasn’t clear who are going to replace the resigned officials.

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One comment

  1. Any idea if Christina Papaconstantinou is related to the former Finance Minister? Couldn’t find it.
    But what this affair shows again is that those who plunged us all into the abyss are still running the show. TAIPED as THE icon for the NEW GREECE… led by a former manager from one of the worst DEKOs… But at least they are being investigated and they have the half decency of stepping down.