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Greek gov’t to issue 86,000 ‘civil mobilization’ orders for teachers …before the strike

Greek government is determined to have university entrance exams take place as scheduled. Starting date is the 17th of May 2013, not matter what. Therefore, after the teachers’ union announced on Friday that they would launch a strike, the education minister rushed to prime minister. Antonis Samaras signed a “civil mobilization” decision for the 86,000 aspiring strikers.

Greek media report that the civil mobilization order will start to be distributed as soon as of Monday and thus before the final strike decision that the teachers’ union OLME will take on May 15th.

This has never happened before: that the state issues “civil mobilization orders” before the beginning of a strike.

The government apparently -and allegedly – invokes some state laws that allow the government to order civil mobilization in case of ‘extraordinary emergency situations’  like “earthquakes” and so on.

Most possibly the government took this decision to calm down students and parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown…

PS we have a kind of “psychological warfare” here, I’m afraid. The government passes a law short before the exams and takes the wind out of the teachers’ strike sails as the society is definitely against any teachers’ mobilization during the exams. Or not?







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