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EU Commission temporary shelves absurd olive oil jugs & bowls ban

The European Commission decided to temporary shelve its absurd decision to ban olive oil jugs and dipping bowls from restaurant tables and replace them with non-refillable sealed bottles. “The decision did not find the necessary support,” EU Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos said at a press conference, admitting he was helpless against the public outcry. However Ciolos is adamant to protect consumers from low-quality olive oil…

“The European Commission has shelved a proposed stricter rule on how restaurants can serve olive oil amidst public outcry and accusations of meddling bureaucracy.

Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, responsible for agriculture and rural development, said on Thursday at a press conference  that he was withdrawing the proposition.

“I’ve decided to withdraw this proposal and not submit it for adoption,” Ciolos said as he attempted to deflect a barrage of pointed questions. “I wanted to come here today to demonstrate that I’ve been very alive to the current debate in the press.”

The aborted regulation planned that, from January 1, 2014, eateries would be banned from serving oil to diners in small glass jugs or dipping bowls, and forced instead to use pre-sealed, non-refillable bottles that must be disposed of when empty.

The European Commission said the move was designed to improve hygiene and reassure consumers that olive oil in restaurants has not been diluted with an inferior product. The Commission also said its proposal was supported by 15 out of 27 EU member governments, including the continent’s main olive oil producers – Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal – which are among the countries worst affected by the euro crisis.

German newspaper Sueddetsche Zeitung described the plan as “the weirdest decision since the legendary curvy cucumber regulation”, referring to now-defunct EU rules on the shape of fruit and vegetables sold in supermarkets.

Olive oil isn’t quite yet off the European Commission’s menu. To “meet objectives concerning quality” for consumers, Commissioner Cioloş has invited restaurants, hotels and consumers associations to meet next week in Brussels to discuss the issue.” (Full story Euronews)

PS at they very end, EU Commission may decide to have olive oil offered in restaurants only in square bowls 5cmx5cm or round bowls of 5cm diameter. An option is also for have each restaurant guest swallow one teaspoon of olive oil right upon entering a pizza or a gyros facility. But I consider as the best and safest solution… “olive oil in form of capsule”  🙂 🙂 🙂

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