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Minister resigns 2 hours after appointment – Only in Greece possible

Sofia Voultepsi, deputy Health Minister in new Greek cabinet, submitted her resignation two hours after she was appointed to the post by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.  Late on Monday, Voultepsi (Nea Dimocratia) issued a statement saying that she would not accept the invitation by Antonis Samaras to the post of deputy Health Minister.

She is replaced by Zeta Makri.

The reasons for Voultepsi’s resignation are not known – yet.

Officially unconfirmed information on Greek internet claim, she refused to accept the post with Adonis Georgiadis as Minister.

According to some journalists, she did not know who was the minister when she accepted the appointment.  Given the bad relations between the two and the possible negative atmosphere in the ministry she decided to resign.

The health ministry is one of the crucial ministries in Greece of the Troika. IT was the first ministry that had to apply strict austerity, depriving millions of Greeks of important health care services and medicine supplies. In upcoming months mergers of hospitals are due to occur.

About the odd constellation of the new Health ministry, KTG wrote earlier:

Health ministry

A few lines should be devoted to the new Health minister Adonis Georgiadis, right-wing politician, former member of Karatzaferis’ LAOS but moved to ND in spring 2012. A book seller, impulsive and screaming TV panelist, devoted xenophobic nationalist and fan of conspiracy theories wherever they come from (‘indigo children’ and other nonsense theories.). He has been often accused of ‘racism’.

Given his right-wing and xenophobic concept, many internet users expressed fear about the new cuts in Greek national health care system EOPYY that sinks in debts. Some commented that he would get rid of foreigners and Greeks alike,” of “sick and healthy people”.

Odd enough deputy health minister is Sofia Voultepsi, also ND MP, a veteran journalist who recently claimed the Great Britain’s public broadcaster was bought by arm dealers.

PS tough choices, bad planning.





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