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Riot police fires tear gas in Athens University, municipality workers block main streets

Riot police fired tear gas in Athens university when students and administrative personnel attempted to disturb a meetings of professors discussing cuts in education and lay-offs.  Greek media report that  a group of students invaded the building and that some of the board members called the police. Outside the university at Panepistimiou Avenue in downtown Athens administrative personnel and students were delivering their our battle against the police.

Διοικητικός υπάλληλος της Πρυτανείας μπαίνει μπροστά από την κλούβα για να μην μεταφέρει τους προσαχθέντες ΦΩΤΟ NEWSIT

a man working at the administration of Athens University lays in front to police bus to hinder it from taken the detainees to police headquarters. The police bus left driving … backwards (more pictures here)

Riot police used to tear gas and detained more than 30 students.

video: police protesters tension

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Five hundred meters away, municipality workers were marching outside the Greek parliament to protest the upcoming lay-offs of thousands of people and the abolition of municipality police.

Επικεφαλής οι δημοτικοί αστυνομικοί - ΦΩΤΟ NewsIt

Municipality police protesters

The decision of Administrative Reform and Interior Ministers to delay the meeting with municipality unions representative and also change the place of the meeting added to the chaos in the main streets of downtown Athens as the protesters have been just moving around.

PS high temperatures, traffic jams and tear gas. Perfect!


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