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Schaeuble in Athens: “Greece must stop discussion of debt haircut”

“Greece must stop lobbying for a second restructuring of its debt,” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Thursday, saying that “this was not in the country’s best interests.”. Speaking at an event organized by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce in Athens Hilton, Scaheuble advised Greeks

“My advice is not to continue this discussion. We have to stick to what has been agreed. Anything else is not in the best interest of Greece.”

“Another haircut beyond the 53 percent for the private sector is not doable,” the German FinMin said and reminded that a discussion about the sustainability of the Greek debt will take place in 2014.

Σόιμπλε: Δεν σας κάνει καλό η συζήτηση για νέο κούρεμα

Schaeuble praised the efforts of Greece and stressed and still things have to be done and that “the only way to achieve sustainable growth is through boosting competitiveness in order to combat unemployment.

Wolfgang Schaeuble declared “impressed with the Greek achievements.”

PS I am impressed by the German persistence to lower wages to 350 euro.

More on Schaeuble’s speech here – in Greek




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  1. Wow, the Greeks don’t know what is in their best interest but others know what is in their best interest. I guess that is when one can say these others are the ones really running Greece or they would not be able to say such things.