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Three years in IMF, there are still tax “untouchables”: the caste of Greek millionaires

Three years after Greece sought the money of IMF and drained every employee, pensioner and property owner with unbearable taxes, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras openly admits: there is still a caste of people the tax authorities do not dare to touch. People with millions in the bank who declare income below the tax-free cap. People like lawyers, famous singers or even mayors, just to mention a few.

In a letter to tax offices, Yiannis Stournaras wrote among others:

“We provide political coverage. I will explain what I mean. we constantly receive phone calls from tax officials,  supervisors and inspectors, who ask “I have data about this big lawyer, or that famous singer or about mayor X. Should I chase him?”
People ask, because for many years there were the so-called« untouchables »in Greek society, ie those who nobody dared to touch. That is people who have millions in the bank and declare income … below the tax-free cap [i.e. 5,000 euro].”
Yiannis Stournaras concluded his note to tax officers, that “even the Pope will have to pay taxes.”
What do we learn from this insight note? That three years after the loan agreements, the debt-ridden country still is unable to combat big scale tax evasion as politicians still intervene to protect their friends & Co.
The question is, of course, who are the Greek tax untouchables, who are those politicians so generously offer their protection and why.
BTW: while the caste of ‘untouchables’ in India are poor, the untouchables in Greece are millionaires. That’s why Greece will never become India, nomateer how low the minimum wage will be.
PS Darling, I think nothing will ever change in this country…

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