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Greece’s unemployment out of control: new record at 27.9% – 1.4m people without work

It’s getting higher and higher and breaks a new record every month. Even though traditionally the summer months offer job opportunities due to tourism. But that was in the past. According to Greek Statistics Authority ELSTAT, unemployment hit a new record in June 2013 and rose to 27.9%.

In comparison, it was 27.6% in May 2013 and 24.6% in June 2012.

According to the Greek Statistical Authority the total employees in June 2013 was estimated at 3,628,421 people.

The unemployed totaled 1,403,698 people.

Economically inactive population is 3,334,690 people.

The number of unemployed  increased by 174,709 people compared with June 2012 ( 14.2% increase )
and 20,254 people compared with May 2013 ( 1.5% increase ) .

Unemployment among youth

aged 15-24  at 58.8 %

aged 25-34 at 37.4 %.

The regions with the highest unemployment are: Epirus -West Macedonia ( 29.7
%) , Macedonia – Thrace (29.5 %) and Attica (27.7 %).

Greek unemployment statistics do not include the self-employed but only the employed persons.


PS Please, do forward these new devastating numbers to prime minister Antonis Samaras. He will most likely ‘fell from the clouds” – beloved Greek expression “πέφτω απο τα σύννεφα” to demonstrate a big surprise.

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  1. Dutch news reports that in 2008 only 7,3% of the Greeks were without job.

    Didn’t we all knew from the beginning that Troika would give us a killer medicine? And all IMF could say is a sorry, we calculated it wrong….

    • possible I don’t have the 2008 figures at hand.
      Jackie, it’s the IMF policy that no development/growth measures are applied where IMF goes. Like paraphrasing & reversing the whiskey slogan: IMF comes, jobs go

  2. wait till november when all the tourist flights stop coming directly to the islands, and all the hotels close, and the bars and the restraunts, and tourist shops, then we will see that figure jump up dramaticaly