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Nikaia City Council wants the closure of local Golden Dawn office

The city council of Nikaia suburb of Piraeus voted on Wednesday in favor of the shutdown of local Golden Dawn office. The city council issued a resolution with the unanimous condemnation of Golden Dawn as a “criminal gang .”

The head of the local GD branch, Giorgos Patelis, was remanded in custody pending trial for the murder of  a 34-year-old leftist rapper last month. Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by confessed murdered Giorgos Roupakias, also a member of the local branch of Nikaia.

The city council condemned also the role played by the local GD branch in the murder of Fyssas. “Their presence in the city is unthinkable,” the city council decided and asked the closure of Golden Dawn office in Nikaia as well the the banning to any action of “this criminal organization in the city.”

Even after the role played by the local organization of ASE the murder of Paul Fyssas consider unthinkable presence in the city and ask the closure of its offices in Nice, as well as the prohibition of any action ” this criminal organization” in the city.

A proposal to rename the street where GD Nikaia branch is located into “Pavlos Fyssas Street” will be discussed in a future session of the city council.

Already right after the murder of Fyssas, Nikaia city council had banned a GD distribution of food “For Greeks Only”.

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