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Golden Dawn witness: “Training to bat the carotid artery on living lambs”

Daily are the testimonies of former and current members of far-right Golden Dawn leaked to the press. The witnesses report of the hierarchy within the group, the training they received. Often the testimonies are shocking. Like this given by a witness named “E” who claimed that “they were trained on live lambs how to bat the carotid artery” – probably to use the technique later on human targets.

“The military training was staged by cattle slaughterer MP [Nikos] Michos who was organizing “educational” massacres of lambs in order to teach the technique of batting the carotid artery.

” The members of Golden Dawn were taught in martial arts, hikes , climbing training , training with weapons but mainly with knives. I know that members of the organization were trained by Nikos Michos, MP from Evoia – cattle slaughterer by profession – to neutralize opponents with knives . For this reason, educational mass slaughters of lambs in sheepfolds were held in Madras in Attica, in Malakasa and elsewhere etc. in order for members to learn the technique of batting the carotid artery with a knife,” protected witness “E” told authorities. (source)

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