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Did Greece feel the good vibrations of 2014? Hm….

New Year is here. Whether it will turn happy or unhappy, it’s still to be shown. We have 354 days ahead to confirm what our friends have wished and what the horoscopes predict. That’s on the personal level. On national level nothing changed even though I took the Prime Minister’s message seriously and tried to feel rich and content already on the 1st of the year. In fact, I had turned poorer due to some extra expenses aiming to host friends and relatives over the Festive Days. Target was to forget our economic misery.

I’m proud to tell you that…. YES! We did it!

We enjoyed good food and good drink. Heard good music, and went on TV-new diet. That was the recipe for real0life success.

And now, on January 2nd 2014, we realize that everything is back to normal:

Taxpayers stand queues at the tax-offices: the system collapsed.

Politicians quarrel on TV panels about the best policies their parties have to offer to an austerity-hit society. But Hey! TV time is short and consequently no in-depth discussion is possible.

Civil servants are anxious their name could be included in the list 0f 15,000 to be laid off in this Happy New Year.

Patients on prescription medicine count their cents together as they will have to pay €1 per prescription. Ah! to boost the national health care system.

At the same time, National Health Care system (EOPYY) doctors continue their strike for the 5th week. Chronic-ill pay for the medicine cash at the pharmacy counter. Some have to pay 250-300euro, some others cut their therapy declaring themselves as ‘simply bankrupt’.

Other patients that need to hospitalized they will have to pay €25 entrance fee. “Nobody will be put in jail, if one has no money to pay the fee,” the health minister heralded. The bill will be forwarded to the tax office.

Yes, the tax office will be our sole and severe ruler, because the government is unwilling and unable to catch the real and big scale tax evaders. As usual, the little fish will come up for all the state needs.

Before I forget it! Two major positive things happened:

1. long term unemployed will receive the amazing amount of €200 for a period of 12 months.

2. Greece is leading the EU Presidency.

Nobody should worry that Samaras’ coalition government will abandon the EU presidency before the term is over, on June 30th. Officially, the Greek government no political reason to go to early elections. And it has no courage to call for snap polls in May in order to receive a new public mandate and continue with the strict austerity measures, reforms  draining of Greeks. Nea Dimocratia – PASOK government is expected to lose during the EU and municipality elections.

Debt-ridden and knocked-out by austerity Greeks will punish them. Socialist PASOK will dramatically shrinkk even further, the losses for conservative ND are expected to be immense. But even if not, Samaras will not be able to keep a coalition government with a ‘vanished’ coalition partner. He will be obliged to call for snap polls to take part in June or July.

The EU Presidency is saved! 🙂

PS what topped the agenda of Festive Days chats and discussion? How to heat your home with less possible money. HA!




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