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Greek insured to pay one euro per prescription as of Jan 8/2014

A new tax, a new poll levy. As of today, 8th January 2014, Greek insured will be obliged to pay one euro per prescription they will redeem at the pharmacies. The euro-levy will go for the National Health Care system EOPYY.

According to health ministry, excepted from the poll levy are chronic-ill patients. But the criteria are very strict and refer only to a few illnesses. Cancer patients, for example, are not excluded, or cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Just three medications are allowed per prescription. Chronic-ill who need more pharmaceutical products per month will pay double.

The one-euro extra comes in times where many impoverished Greeks have cut their medication because they’re unable to pay the self-participation of 25%.

The levy is expected to bring revenues of 70 million euro.

At the same time, EOPYY doctors continue their strike since the beginning of December.

EOPYY is expected to closed down by end of January, doctors and personnel to be transferred to ESY Public Hospitals system.

Why then patients have to pay one euro for an organization that will be closed down is one of the many unanswered questions in Troika-ruled Greece.

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