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PPC (DEH) to raise electricity prices at 11% for households with 0-800kWh/quarter

We, Greeks, we don’t mind the heat waves of summer – because we live in hell. No week, no month passes without to be asked to put our hand deeper in our empty pockets. The rises and hikes hit mostly the usual suspects, that is the poor, who have no means to defend themselves. The governmental stealing tactic is very sneaky: it’s €10 here and €5  there and maybe €7  just around the corner.But a very important minus €22 for people who live on a very tight budget. Suddenly at the end of the month the pensioner cannot buy his medication,  the mother cannot buy milk, the jobless cannot buy groceries. But this is the Greek government tactic implemented since two years in order to trick the Greeks who have been drained form the decreases of incomes and increases of tax burdens and hikes public services.

The latest example of merciless stealing policy is the price hikes in electricity bills and thus for the poorest of the poor: that is for households with low consumption, up to 800 KWh/quarter.

Officially the PPC hikes will affect summer houses,  secondary homes and village houses with the low consumption category up to 800 KWh/quarter.

This category will be cancelled and consolidate to the next of 801-2,000 KWh/quarter. In plain words, the PPC subscribers will face hikes of 11%.

“For example for a 60 sq m summer house the increase will be some €6-7,” Greek media note. But it’s not just the electricity, hikes will be added on the bill for the other fees that are based on percentage calculation.

The hikes will go in effect as of 1. July 2014.

Mr Giorgos, my neighbor, got very angry this morning. Not only about the upcoming 11%-hikes on PPC but also because suddenly his pension fell shorter at €12.  He couldn’t find out why, the bank did not know. “I’ll go to the pension fund on Monday and ask,” the 82-year-old man told me. His annual income hinders him to subscribe to the so-called “social pricing of PPC” that gives a 42% discount for annual incomes below 12,000 euro. Mr Giorgos is a widower and leaves in small  2-room apartment. He  believes that he needs every single penny of his pension, because he supports the family of his unemployed son. Only the wife works at a supermarket, the two children 24 and 25 years old are unemployed two.


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