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Amphipolis: archaeologists discover missing Sphinx head

One surprise follows the next: archaeologists discovered the head of one of the Sphinxes guarding the entrance of the ancient tomb in Amphipolis. The head made of marble was found in behind the wall after the third chamber in the inner of the tomb.

The head is 0.60m high and is intact with a minor damage in the nose.

Amphipolis Sphinx

The Sphinx head was looking outwards form the tomb and it belongs to the Sphinx in the East of the entrance.

Amphipolis Sphinx1

According to a statement issued by the Greek Culture Ministry, the head has long wavy curls that bear traces of red color. The hair is being hold together with a thin marble ribbon and lays on the left shoulder of the sculpture.

Amphipolis Sphinx2

Also fragments of the wings of the Sphinxes were found near the head.

Amphipolis Sphinx3

It is still a mystery how the marble head  found its way in the inner of the tomb.

Amphipolis Sphinxes

The two Sphinxes at the tomb entrance.

Excavations continue.

PS I wonder what is the marble “column” (?) or “hat” (?) on top of the head of the Sphinx that looks rather like a “kori” or Caryatid, but one day the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be revealed.


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