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Katerini: shop-owner has a heart for strays & makes our heart melt

The dog is peacefully sleeping on the pavement in the downtown of a city in Central Macedonia. He is covered with a blue and white bed duvet. Next to him is a tin pie pan with half-eaten dry food. The dog lays in front of a shop window with Christmas decoration.

This unbelievable beautiful picture of compassion with the strays was taken by the Animal-loving Voluntary Action in the area of Katerini, a city in the Pierian plain at the foot of Mount Olympus with cool and humid winters.

“Every morning the owner opens her shop and puts the duvet right outside the shop window, for the two strays that sleep there at night,” writes the AVA in a post published by the

“The shop-owner is unfortunately obliged to remove the duvet at night, when she closes her shop, as some “well-intended” people throw it away. The duvet is been taken inside the shop and some pillows are placed on the pavement so that the two stray dogs have a warm place to sleep,” the blog post reads.

stray dog

As the DogWorld stresses, the shop-owner has no interest to have her name or the name of the shop published. Her motive is pure love for the animals.

PS touching snapshots that make our hearts melt, when people show a heart for strays… Kudos! 🙂


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