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Greek Police arrests fugitive & convicted N17-member Christodoulos Xeros

Fugitive and convicted “17. November” member Christodoulos Xeros has been arrested by Greek police on Saturday, Greek media report in Breaking News stories.  Xeros, 56, has been on the run since exactly one year. He was  serving six consecutive life sentences plus an additional 25 years for his involvement in six murders, bombings and robberies, and was given permission (the seventh) to leave the Korydallos prison in Athens on New Year’s day. He was due to return to jail on January 7th but never did so.

Xeros was arrested Saturday noon in a house in Anavyssos, some 30 km south east of Athens. According to media, the counter-terrorism department of the Greek Police had his hideout under surveillance and arrested him as he was trying to enter the house.

He reportedly did not resist to his arrest. He had reportedly his hair died blonde (or wearing a blonde wing), had a fake beard and was in possession of a gun.


An award of  € 1,000,000 was to be given for tips-offs of fugitive Christodoulos Xeros’ whereabouts.

He was taken to the Police Headquarters in Athens.

Since his escape, police was trying to collect evidence and data and find out who had been offering shelter to the fugitive terrorist.

A couple of weeks after his escape, Xeros has released a video in which he threatened to take up the arms.

It will be interesting if police has found out whether he was preparing another terrorist attack and whether he was cooperating with other urban guerrilla groups.

Police pictures


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  1. Life sentences come with permissions to leave? So staying at the prison is basically optional? Looks like a very strange justice system…