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Tsipras to Channel 4: “We want debt relief, German WWII reparations & return of Acropolis Marbles”

Good old Abba and the winner takes it all… In a lengthy interview with Britain’s Channel 4 leader of left-wing SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras said he wants it all: a debt relief, German World War II reparations and return of  the enforced loan plus the Acropolis Marbles.

“We are going to demand debt reduction, and the money Germany owes us from world war two, including reparations, but we also want the marbles, which don’t belong to us but to everybody, and which need to come back to their home.”
Just seventeen days before the snap elections, public opinion polls predict that SYRIZA will  win the political race, even though it can be hard to predict right now if the left-wing party will be able to form a majority government.
But the polls are blowing wind in the sails of SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras appears with the self-confidence of a captain taking the Greek ship to a new Europe.
“Syriza is the alarm clock that will wake the EU leaders out of their slumber. What we demand is a European conference, to tackle this European problem together, and there cannot be a solution without writing off a large part of the debt, a moratorium on repayments and a growth clause.”
He retaliated the party’s policy on how to deal with the public debt: negotiation with the EU partners and debt relief.
“I am saying to the people of Europe, especially the people of northern Europe: we don’t want any more of your money. The money you have been giving all these years wasn’t spent to keep the Greek people on their feet. Instead it was used to recapitalise bankrupt banks, so that the banks and the financial system not only in Greece but the whole of Europe would not collapse. You gave Greece toxic money. Now it’s time to find a solution for the common good.”

          Full Interview in text and video HERE

PS  the approach on how to deal with EU partners and lenders is not bad: You negotiate high so you can bargain down. If you start low, the winner is always the other side.

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