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Incredible rainfall floods Crete; monster abandons puppy in the storm

 Strong rainfall and gale winds hit the island of Crete Tuesday night causing unprecedented floods and putting people and animals in danger. The area most affected is the Irakleion prefecture where firefighters rescued some 60 people: men, women, children and elderly have climbed to roof tops to escape the water masses.
In some areas, the water level rose up to 2 meters, local media report.
Local media describe the floods as “unprecedented”.
Video: sinking boat in the port of Pantanassa

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In the neighboring prefecture of Rethymnon, the sea flooded the streets.

ΦΩΤΟ από

Strong winds caused the collapse of the power network with the effect that many areas are still without electricity.



Amid the strong storm a monster of a human decided to abandon a puppy. He tied it to a stone and hided it inside the foliage on a road side in Kounoupidiana area of Chania. The little dog was rescued, when a passerby heard his whining and barking, searched in the foliage and found the poor creature, wet to the bone. He took the doggy to a nearby vet and the local animal welfare society undertook the expenses.

puppy Chania

  No words….

I am sure neighbors can identify the dog and the heartless owner. grrrrrrr….

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