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President Hollande invites PM Tsipras in Paris in early February

French President Francois Hollande invited new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Paris. Hollande’s invitation has already be sent to Tsipras, the meeting is to take place before the next Council of Europe, scheduled for February 12th.  “France is ready to discuss solutions to Greek debt,” French officials said, althoughHollande on Monday said the country must stick to its commitments.

” Hollande has sent Tsipras an invitation to meet before the next Council of Europe on 12 February, government spokesperson Stéphane Le Foll announced on Wednesday.

There will be a “global discussion”, which will touch on growth and debt, he said.

France is “ready to discuss, negotiate and engage in a dialogue that will allow solutions to be found” although theirs is no question of cancelling the balance of Greece’s debt.

On Monday Hollande declared that “commitments have been made” and “must be honoured”, pointing out that France had already “participated financially in the efforts called for for Greece”. (via

PS France and Greece always shared historical ties, n’ est-pas?

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