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The Varoufakis Cult: from “Popstar Minister” to “Varou-Funky cocktail”

He is celebrated by international media like a pop icon for introducing a relaxed behavior and a casual fashion style in a clique of tight-lipped, perfectly tucked and dressed in all shades of dark grey fellowmen: the inner circle of yawning-boring looking economists, bankers, finance ministers and traders. With his fancy shirts mostly hanging out of his trousers, his left hand stuck in his pocket and his signature shaved head, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis gives the impression of an Action Man who doesn’t feel he has to comply with dressing code and conformity rules when it comes that he sends over his message over the Greek debt.

Hardly a week in office and Varoufakis stirs European not only with his proposals on Greek debt, he also stirs media with his dress choices.

varoufakis dijsselbloem1

  Varoufakis – Dijsselbloem in Athens

While touring Europe to find allies for Greece’s position, he left a striking impression when he went to meet UK’s FinMin George Osborne wearing black jeans, open-necked shirt, a leather coat and boots.

varoufakis osborne

Some Brits were surprised that despite his nonconformist appearance, Varoufakis was a “normal person“! … And not an alien or something like that as Greeks photo-shoppers love tο picture him.

Αστεία εικόνα: Ο Βαρουφάκης Εξωγήινος

Varoufakis “punky” dress inspired creative people to create pictures like this

varoufakis punk

and like this

varoufakis elisabeth

 “There you are, Betty!”

Media are thrilled! Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad went so far to urge its readers “You can look like a Greek popstar minister” and advised them about the new trend and not expensive cult  in men’s wear.

varoufakis style


Cocktail “Varou-Funky”

In Thessaloniki bartender Dimitris Korres in Rover Bar was inspired by the new FinMin and invested the “Varou-Funky” cocktail.

The cocktail contains Mastiha snaps, orange and lemon liqueurs, lavender bitter and spirits and freshly ground pepper, to impart flavor and aftertaste.

“It’s sweet and sour and a little spicy, just like Varoufakis” bartender Dimitris told local media adding that the cocktail looks like a Greek daisy.

Video: Varou-Funky

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Can you trust a “Yanis” with one “n”?

While the Varoufakis fan club is growing in and outside Greece, some conservatives feel anything but impressed. On the contrary!

One of the striking eccentric features of Greek FinMin is the way he writes his first name”Υanis” -with one “n”‘ and without “i”.  I don’t know where the inspiration for such a spelling came from, probably from the phonological pronunciation of his name in English. But this writing lacking respect to Greek Grammar and Orthography rules, prompted Thanos Plevris, former MP of conservative Nea Dimokratia and right-wing LAOS to ask when Varoufakis took office:

Translation “We trust our economy to a man who writes Yiannis with one n. God have mercy with us!!!”

Same Total Black?

varoufakis padoan

Total black suit in his meeting with Italian FinMin Padoan on Tuesday  and ECB’s Draghi on Wednesday.


Mean people wondered if this was the same suit…

PS, we’re a broke country, folks!

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  1. I have no confidence in him and the same goes for the other in the troop.

  2. May I ask why??? They seem to be doing a better job than those snakes who where there before!

  3. In Finnish media mr. Varoufakis is referred to “a rock star”, but still acknowledgeing his superiority in the task in hand: economics.
    (Finnish only link, sorry)

  4. Thank goodness the Greek people have someone that understands the situation. The stories I’ve read about the Greek nation are nothing short of horrendous! That Germany & France had their banks bailed out by ramming down of “Austerity” on the Greek people just shows what sort of gits these Eurocrats are. They are just gits who are enjoying their time in office and from the point of view of the Wolfgang Schnaebles of this world they are absolutely clueless. Thank goodness for rational sanity returning in Yanis Varoufakis!