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Varoufake? German Satire Magazine claims to have manipulated the “Finger”-Video

Now the confusion is perfect! A German satirical magazine on public ZDF claimed on Wednesday that it was program presenter Jan Boehmermann who manipulated the controversial “Finger”-video with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. A real manipulation or just a satirical claim pointing out to the manipulation possibilities through visual effects? A Finger-inception?

Presenter Boehmermann from “Neo Magazine Royale” claimed that the video showing Varoufakis raising a Finger to Germany” was fake and that he had producing it with the help of an assistant and lots of visual effects and tricks.

He documents the video manipulation showing an actor – a “fake Varoufakis” – and the visual tricks his production team used. boehmermann

“>”We have adjusted the shadow details that you can not immediately recognize: As what has been done,” says David M., who is mentioned in the video “Visual Effects Supervisor”.

Last Sunday, public broadcaster ARD and talk-show presenter Guenther Jauch had played video of Yanis Varoufakis showing the middle finger to …Germany. The offensive gesture triggered an outrage among the German media and society. Jauch had manipulated the video of 2013 and clipped off some important time reference data thus creating the false and misleading impression that Varoufakis was speaking of today and moreover in his position of finance minister.

Varoufake” or “Fingergate”

“Dear Günther Jauch, dear ARD, dear Bild newspaper, now you must be very strong,” Jan Böhmermann from Neo Magazine Royale” said laughing short before he landed a very big coup.

Video: with English subtitles after min 3:00

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I must admit what at the end of the Video I honestly had no clue what was real and what was fake, despite the fact that I both understood the German original language and the English subtitles – which BTW had missed some points in the translation.

A real manipulation or a genius satire about the manipulation possibilities and the power of visual effects?

Boehmermann leaves it up to viewers to decide if the finger is original or product of manipulation. “You have to decide which one is the original,” Boehmermann tells the audience.

Translation: “You did not doctored the video. You just clipped it out of context and took a Greek politician with a sticky finger through the studio, so that mom and dad can nicely get in outrage and shout:
The Foreigner! Kick him out of Europe! He is poor and takes our money away! That’s impossible! We are here the chiefs! That’s it!”

In his video, Boehmermann makes another statement:

“That’s how we are in Germany. In one century we devastated twice Europe, but if someone shows us a sticky finger, we freak out!


What is interesting is that after the Neo Magazine Royale claim, German media approach Varoufakis’ finger with some reservation, while the Greek media unquestionably adopt the claim, cheering “Varoufakis was right, that the sticky finger video was doctored.”

PS I stick to my first point that the middle finger was over-proportionally long…

Varoufakis ordered two beers on our bill.


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  1. Wow, but we have now more versions in the German press – also that the fake is not a fake and that Boehmermann wanted to show how easy is to make such a fake…
    Frankfurter Allgemeine : jan-boehmermanns-varoufakis-film-ist-laut-zdf-fake…
    Is the fake a fake ?
    As a matter of fact , very interesting was the whole what Varoufakis’ said at that time, showing (or not showing) the middle finger. It did not sound very optimistic…

  2. Really interesting, considering that the camera man that taped the thing in Zagreb confirmed that the clip was not altered, supposedly.

    Don’t know if it is and really I don’t care. Such things should not hinder political negotiations.

  3. This ‘fingergate’ shows the – not surprising! – political inexperience of the new government. A seasoned politician would have said something like the following after being confronted with the finger-video: “You know, I don’t know offhand where you picked this up. I have given so many speeches in so many differnt forums that it may well be that I made a gesture like that. Certainly long before my time as Finance Minister. If anyone today still feels offended by it, I apologize. Offhand, I am surprised by the video because I really can’t remember that I have done something like that. Who knows? It may even be a fake”.

    Sarkozy allegedly called George Papandreou a “ psycho”. An American diplomat went on record for saying “f..k the EU”. Compared with that, the finger is at best an unfortunate gesture. But it has become a classic example of how to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      in this Varoufakis psycho-mania they would even show a video with his finger even if he had raised it to a teacher while in a German kindergarden

    • What this “fingergate” experience shows most of all is the absolute and total disdain those in power in Europe have for anybody and everybody who dares stand up and question their “wisdom”… It shows just how low they are prepared to sink in order to do damage to the individuals and the governments they represent, simply because of committing the mortal sin of not dancing to the tune played…