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Ex PM Samaras says he’d join a national unity government with SYRIZA

They remove dust from their suits, iron shirts and ties and put their bets on the failure of SYRIZA-led coalition government. They offer themselves to a noble cause: to save the country. Main opposition leader and former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that he was ready to join a unity government in order to  to keep Greece in the euro zone.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Samaras signaled his willingness to join a unity government if the concessions required to win emergency loans drive a wedge through the ruling anti-austerity coalition.

“If the plan is to keep Greece in the euro area, we will provide support,” Samaras, 63, said in an interview in Athens on Wednesday. “Exit would signal a total catastrophe.”

Cooperation with Syriza would be a huge political and ideological sacrifice for arch-conservative Samaras who cannot hide his allergy for the left-wing. But as I said: the cause is noble…
And it is anything but a secret that the country’s political creditors (Eurogroup, European Commission, Germany, EP president) would love to see other parties like To Potami and Nea Dimokratia joining the Greek coalition government.
Ironically, voters ousted Samaras from the Prime Ministry chair being tired to see him save Greece, the country, and forget the people, the citizens of this same country.
Indicative for the cynical “save Greece – ruin the people” neo-liberal mentality of Samaras’ government was the dialogue between former Samaras’ Minister Dimitris Stamatis with a citizen in the political talk show Enikos two weeks ago:
Citizen: you said you saved the country, but I am 36, jobless, university graduate, I will never find a job again.
Stamatis: We saved the country, not you.
Antonis Samaras has always claimed that Syriza in government will be of short duration and that’s why he has refused to leave Nea Dimokratia chairmanship despite the fact that he was challenged by several lawmakers of his own party.
PS Samaras seems to be the only PM in Greece who cannot accept elections defeat…

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