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20% of Greek employees await for their salaries 3-12 months

Here we are: competitive and eager to work for investors bringing development and growth. Here we are: Greeks eager to work for no money or for the prospect of being paid some time in the future – near or far, it doesn’t matter. Main thing we have an occupation to spend the time, because laying under the sun doing nothing 24/7/365 is boring after all…

The statistics issued by the Labor Center in Thessaloniki are shocking: 20% of the total 3,524,500 employees in Greece’s private sector work but have to wait for their salary three to twelve months. How do these over 700,000 people come along? Nobody knows… If they are lucky to work for an employer of the special humane kind, they may get a part of their salary something like 50-100 euro “payment in advance” and the rest is in the stars and retrograde planets. At the end of their working life, they might even find out that the employer had not paid contributions to social security funds as well.


But this bad moral practice is not new. It is going around like the black death since summer 2012.

At the same time, there are no vacancies that give you a full time work providing you with a salary enough to cover your monthly needs. Not to mention the unpleasant extras like tax payment, debts repayment or access to health care.

60% of the hiring in 2014 were for part time jobs,” the Institute found out, while only 40% were for a proper full time hiring.

The unemployment rates remain stuck at 25.7% with 32% to be women. The total number of unemployed is 1,220,000 persons, however self-employed are not part of this data.

The real unemployment numbers are much higher because of the dust-in-the-eyes EU funded “voucher programs for jobless” that give unemployed 19-64 years old the opportunity to “learn new skills” and “do some work practice” in private companies for 400-500 euro per month and for the time period of 5 months.

Do you know any other EU country where people work but do not get paid on time?

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...and when they get paid it doesn’t mean that they get their full outstanding salary payment.

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  1. Wher is your new Goverment to regulate this Problem?
    And everybody can check if his/her IKA is payed.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      unless employees go to Labor control units… but they mostly don’t out to fear to lose the job.

      • You are either registered with IKA or not even if your employer fails to pay the contributions. If your employer fails to pay, it has nothing to do with the employee, it is up to IKA to chase the employer for the debt. The worker is still insured normally.
        If every worker whos employer is owing money to IKA is uninsured, then 80% of Greeks would be uninsured.

  2. IKA is 45% of the salary. If an employer cannot afford to pay his employee, how on earth would he be able to pay IKA?

    Oh and full time employees get 14 salaries.
    Imagine, not only that, you have to pay IKA 14 times as well! So, I, as an employer pay IKA a bonus? Absolute madness!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      IKA is not 45%

      • Yes it is. Its about 39%, but you must include the mandatory supplemental pension of 5%, but that supplemental pension was merged with IKA. We pay 44.96% a month to IKA overall.

  3. Sorry my mistakes with the recent cuts in contributions we now pay 40% overall to IKA so i was right the first time.