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Shocking! Human smugglers abandon disabled people at islands’ cliffs

It is really shocking. Human smugglers abandoned four people with disabilities on the cliffs of the island of Symi. Exposed to sun and sea, four people with disabilities and special needs were located on the rocky bay of “Marathountas”.

disabled people abandoned

Among them a 70-year-old woman sitting on a wheelchair. And a young man unable to walk.

disabled people abandoned1

The people was located by the Greek Coast Guard and were transported into safety in a big rescue operation.

The people had reportedly arrived to Greece via Turkey. Their nationality has not been disclosed.

The pictures were published by the Greek Coast Guard (via

Sheer Horror!

PS no words to describe the sense of disgust and loathing. I was literally shocked when I first saw the picture I put on the thumbnail last night. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was some kind of malicious photoshop or something… Nightmarish.

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  1. Truly disgusting.
    But don’t you overgeneralize them escape agents. All in all they’re helping people get across the border to have a life again.

  2. So shocking, if only there was a way to help,people travel more safely. You might be interested in this too