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Varoufakis “will resign” if Greeks vote YES, prefers “to cut arm off than deal without Debt Restructuring”

Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has stated that he will resign if the Greek people vote ‘Yes’ in Sunday’s referendum. Speaking to Bloomberg TV on Thursday morning, Varoufakis said among others:

* “If a yes vote, I will not be finance minister on Monday night

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* I prefer to cut my arm off rather than sign an agreement without debt restructuring

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*Syriza is going to be the major force in Greek politics come Monday no matter what happens.

“Asked on Bloomberg TV whether, come Monday, if there is a yes vote, he will not be finance minister, Varoufakis said: “I will not.”

Varoufakis also said he wouldn’t sign any deal with creditors without any reference to a restructuring of Greece’s debt burden.

Varoufakis claimed Greece was being treated as a “debt colony” that doesn’t have rights.

However, he expected a “No” vote and that he and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be around Monday “to forge mutually beneficial agreement with rest of Europe.”” (source)

PS I know  some angry Syriza voters, supporters of the Left since the time of their youth, who could vote YES just to see him go. Reason? “exaggerated self-satisfaction” and ” too much up for PR”. Many older Greek Leftist are rather conservative “comrades” on several issues.

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  1. Hector Belascoaran

    I’m a leftist since many years. I know syriza (and Varoufakis) is not completely match my idea about euro, europe, political ideology but during these trouble days, I started to consider syriza leaders, and their strategy, very efficiently.
    Despite the uncertainty about UE reaction, I hope ‘oxi’ wins and that will be a ‘leftist’ victory. In italy we think so.

  2. Well, what is the plan?

    ( Thanks for deleting this port, admin. “Keep Talking Greece” should name itself “Keep thinking what we allow you Greece” )